Camp Allatoona Support Team

Do you love being out at camp, or looking for service hours? Then the Camp Allatoona Support Team Work Weekends are the place for you! We are looking for volunteers to help us keep our camps in shape!

It is the mission of C.A.S.T. to engage volunteers in service to help provide the best facilities and programs available at our aquatics base. Our workdays are opportunities to work on projects such as shoreline and camp cleanup, repairing or upgrading structures, improving our fishing and swimming areas and much more.  

This event is for scouts 5th grade and older and adult volunteers.

Here is a great opportunity for a conservation service at our beloved Camp Allatoona Aquatics Base.

  • Fish habitat build
  • Drift Wood burn
  • Shoreline clean up 

Service Opportunities | June 2021: 

The service projects below are scaled easy through advanced. Find service opportunities that match your capabilities and time, wheteher individually, with your family, or coordinated with your Scouting unit.


  1. Boat Wash:  Row boats, sail boats, canoes and kayak need to be washed for summer program.  This is a fun way to help your camp.  Wear your bathing suit and bring some music.
  2. Leaf blow all pavilion roofs:  The roofs are covered with debris.  This project requires a ladder.
  3. Picnic table Paint legs:  Do not paint the wood but spray-paint black the metal legs in main pavilion.


  1. Bridge: Build a new foot bridge near the rowboats.  This is used for Norther Tier training as well as others.
  2. Paint Fence:  Paint the NEW fence by the main pavilion sign to keep traffic from cutting off the corner.  We supply the paint.
  3. Fence 02: Replace the fence by the amphitheater. 4 posts and 24’ long.


  1. Amphitheater Fire Ring:  Design and construct a council quality fire ring.
  2. New “V” shape information kiosk roof:  Construct a roof.
  3. Small Engine Repair:  Replace fuel line on a small outboard.
  4. Electrical:  Miscellaneous small electrical repairs and wiring jobs.
  5. Main restroom:  Repair sink.


  1. Swim Cove: Remove flotsam, floating debris from swim area.
  2. Garbage Clean up waterside: Our shorelines get policed all the time. Annually we like to take out the canoes and clean from the water side.
  3. Recreational area cleanup:  Remove any debris interfering with programs.


  • New Amphitheater Bench Seating
  • Fish habitat builds
  • 3 Brand New Boating buddy boards
  • Tree removal and chainsaw projects
  • Floating debris driftwood removals and burns
  • Pressure Washing main pavilion
  • Fence and information board painted
  • New information kiosk
  • Sign painting / gravel

How to Prepare for a Service Project:

What to Bring: Bring food, snacks, a sack lunch and plenty of water. Due to Covid precautions we will not be supplying food. Parents / drivers should bring garbage bags for ride home and be prepared for muddy jeans and muddy boots in.


Recommended Dress:

  • Activity shirt
  • Jeans or work pants
  • Mud boots
  • Gloves

  • The Great Lake Allatoona Clean Up 2021
    October 02, 2021

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