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Recruiting Ideas – Help Your Unit Attract More Youth and Leaders

You can apply these with the Pack Leader’s Guide to Recruiting attached below on the right-hand Menu, see the pages with more detail on topics like Creating a Calendar of Fun Activities, Recruiting Leaders, Flyers and Media, School and Community Presence, Sign-Up Events, and Troop Recruiting.

The Key Idea: successful unit recruiting needs a Unit Activities Plan.  Or, in Cub Scouting, “Be the Pack You Want to Join”. 

Think about this: Which Pack sounds more fun?

A Pack that says:

“Welcome to our Pack, we’ll have a meeting to talk about what we might do!”

or a Pack that says:

Welcome to our Pack, look at our calendar of fun activities!  Join Us!

Right: activities are more attractive. Getting fun activity ideas into your Program Plan is what makes Units successful and attractive

  • If you can’t tell families what you plan to do, why would they join you?
  • The first step in recruiting is Plan a Calendar of Fun Activities?
    • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

If you do activities families like, they will join you, and that is what recruiting is all about. 

So Step One in Successful and Sustainable Recruiting is Make a Calendar of Fun Activities that families like.  Because Successful and Sustainable Recruiting Needs to be Much More than School Sign-Up Nights and Buzz Ups.  The Pack Leader’s Guide to Recruiting describes these six steps:

  1. Make a Calendar of Fun Activities that families like
  2. Let People Know – Promote Your Fun Events! Let Families and Organizations Know What your Pack Will Do – Families join Packs that do things ... Kids join Units that Go Places and Do Things ... let them know what you’re doing.  And update your BeAScout Pin and Online Registration Tools.
  3. Recruit More Leaders and Helpers - one by one, find folks who can help your unit out (do this throughout your recruiting process). 
  4. School and Community Presence – “Adopt a School” and show your School and Community the Fun of Cub Scouting, and you’ll get more School and Community support.
  5. Once you’ve laid that foundation, have Sign-Up Events: School Sign-Up Night and Fun Events Too!
  6. More Fun Events.  Keep expanding and extending your Calendar of Fun Events … you can grow after School Sign-Up Night, both more Scouts and more Leaders!

All of these steps help your success at School Sign-Up Nights.

Welcome New Member Coordinators

To help you do successful and sustainable recruiting, build a “New Member Coordinator” team. The Boy Scouts of America is promoting the idea of getting a team of parents to be New Member Coordinators, acting as a team for “peer to peer” welcoming of families into your unit.

  • New Member Coordinator volunteers don’t need to know everything about Scouting and they don’t need to do all that unit leaders do.  
    • They just need to know enough about your unit to be welcoming
    • They can take on many parts of these recruiting steps
  • The New Member Coordinator idea is excellent in “sharing the load” of new member recruiting, communicating and welcoming
    • There are training modules for New Member Coordinators at
    • To find the modules, when you enter the Learn Center, click on “Position” Training or “Non-Unit Specific Training” 
  • Keep this in mind about the official resources for New Member Coordinators:
    • The Training assumes that your Unit has a fully developed calendar and a fully recruited and engaged and trained team of leaders sufficient for your Unit
    • In many packs, new families need a “welcome” that includes a request to step up, help out and lead

Recruit Families, not just Kids! 

Cub Scouting is a family program, the goal is NOT to just sign up new youth.  The goal is to sign up new families!  We can build stronger families through Scouting! 

  • The Cub Scout program is a family program – every parent helps out
  • This shouldn’t be a “turn off” for parents and guardians – the Scouting program is designed to make stronger connections between kids and adults, which will make parenting easier! 
  • Without parental involvement – adult leaders – there can’t be a Scouting program

If your Pack has only a few active engaged leaders, recruit carefully: either be sure you’re lining up more active, engaged leaders to handle an influx of new youth or only bring on numbers of youth your current leaders can handle. As you get the attention of current and prospective families with your calendar of activities, turn parents into helpers, and helpers into leaders.

There are More Recruiting Resources too.  See the  Marketing and Membership hub for more ideas and the other pages on the menu at the right. 

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