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Boy Scouts of America Membership Standards

The Boy Scouts of America is the nation’s foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training. Through our world-class programs, we bring together youth of every race, religion, ethnic background, and economic status in programs to develop character, citizenship, and fitness.

Prejudice, intolerance and unlawful discrimination are unacceptable within the ranks of the Boy Scouts of America.

Who Can Join?

It is the philosophy of Scouting to welcome all eligible youth, regardless of race, ethnic background, or orientation, who are willing to accept Scouting’s values and meet any other requirements of membership.

We work to ensure every youth and adult member has the opportunity to join a local unit that aligns with his or her beliefs and with the experience he or she wants within the Scouting community. 

No youth may be removed from any of our programs on the basis of his or her orientation, and we teach youth members to be helpful, friendly, courteous, and kind to all and to respect those whose beliefs differ from their own.

Who Can Volunteer?

To be eligible for registration, an adult leader must agree to: subscribe to the Scout Oath; fulfill the obligations of his or her position; and perform his or her duties in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, policies, and guidelines of the Boy  Scouts of America.

The Boy Scouts of America allows chartered organizations to select adult leaders without regard to sexual orientation, continuing Scouting’s long-standing policy of chartered organizations selecting their leaders. This allows Scouting’s members and parents to select local units, chartered to organizations with similar beliefs, that best meet the needs of their families. This change also respects the right of religious chartered organizations to continue to choose adult leaders whose beliefs are consistent with their own.

By focusing on the goals that unite us, we are able to accomplish incredible things for young people and the communities we serve.

Charter Renewal

Welcome to your Virtual Charter Renewal Packet!  

With these tools, you can complete your Internet Recharter and obtain the Charter Renewal Application that is produced at the conclusion of a successful Internet Recharter "submit". Then you can deliver "The Total Recharter Package", consisting of these items:

  1. Signed Charter Renewal Application that is produced when you complete the Internet Recharter "submit" stage
  2. All needed Youth and Adult Applications 
  3. All needed Adult Background Check Additional Disclosure forms, found here, from every adult leader you want to continue on the roster
  4. the necessary charter renewal payments 
  5. if needed, any extra documents that the Council Requires 

The Charter Renewal is the process by which your unit (a Cub Scout Pack, Scouts BSA Troop or Venturing Crew) "signs up for another year" to have a Boy Scouts of America program, through internet submission of a roster of registered Youth and Adults, payment of required fees and an Annual Charter Agreement entered into by the Chartered Organization and the BSA through the Atlanta Area Council.  

Key Recharter Tools 

You can get started with (and complete) your Charter Renewal with the following:

  1. Recharter Fast Start One Page Plan, updated from the AAC materials with tools
  2. The Recharter Checklist of Instructions gives detail about how to get ready and get it done, and is hyperlinked to key sites but you can. The Checklist is focused on tools to help you renew like
  3. The Member Manager tool at  If you are registered a Unit Key Three -- Chair, Chartered Org Rep or Scoutmaster/Cubmaster -- you can download your Roster from the new tool called "Member Manager" (see this guide if you need detail).
  4. This slide deck will tell you a good bit about how the online recharter will work.
  5. To access the Internet Recharter Site, your Recharter Team will receive the Internet Recharter code from your District Commissioner or your District Executive)
  6. A spreadsheet to calculate what fees you'll need to pay when you submit "The Total Recharter Package" of (1) the Charter Renewal Application, (2) any Applications that are listed that are needed (and YPT evidence for adults), (3) payment, because getting the payment right is critical, and (4) any extra documents that the Council Requires. 

There is nothing stopping you from Charter Renewal and before the Internet Recharter Site goes live on October 1, Units can do a lot of preliminary work with the new tool called "Member Manager", as well as cleaning up Applications and completing Youth Protection Training.

Frequently Asked Questions


No. And there is no packet anymore. No thumb drive either, so don't wait. You have everything you need here, and if you forgot your Internet Recharter code, you can get it if you email your District Executive.

No. You'll be better off if you follow the Checklist process, and make sure that all of your Youth and Adult Applications "in-process" this fall has hit your roster in that will make it so much easier for you. While that happens, you can work on other steps, like finding out who will stay with you into the next calendar year and collecting the necessary registration fees.

No! At charter renewal time, in the internet recharter portion, you can re-assign every registered adult already in your Unit like musical chairs. You just must follow the instructions at the right step.

No! And it's FREE for the Pack if you're "paid" as an Adult Leader with your Troop. Just have your Pack "keep you" as a Committee Member and have them enter you as a "multiple" on the Pack Charter (no payment necessary). This is a great way to "be an advisor" to your successors at the Pack and help them succeed. You want the Pack to succeed and bring more youth to your Troop for your Scouts BSA to lead.

Not for Charter Renewal. JTE is nice and we encourage all Units to be on a positive journey to excellence in Scouting, but let's be kind and not hold up recharter.

The “100% Boys Life” Award is for units with “at least one subscription per Scouting family”. So siblings do not need their own subscription.

These can and do exist, and in most cases, you will find "help" prompts that will suggest the best Internet Browser for your use.

For example, in past years, for issues caused by Internet Explorer 10/11 compatibility, you may enable Compatibility View to correct. To determine which version of Internet Explorer you are using

  1. Hit Alt and H to access the Help Tab.
  2. Select About Internet Explorer.
  3. This will show the version of IE that is currently on your computer.

If you currently have Internet Explorer 10:

  1. Hit Alt and T to access the Tools Tab.
  2. Select Compatibility View Settings.
  3. Add a checkmark to the box that says "Display all websites in compatibility view mode."

If you currently have Internet Explorer 11:

  1. Go to the Internet Re-chartering website.
  2. Hit Alt and T to access the Tools Tab.
  3. Select Compatibility view settings.
  4. Click the add button to add the website to the list of sites to display in compatibility view.

If you are still having an issue which isn't resolved by doing this on Internet Re-chartering, please contact the Volunteer Service Center at 770-989-8820.

No. Doing the Internet Recharter work is essential, but it is not the end. You still need to assemble and deliver "The Total Recharter Package" listed at the top of this page. When you have those, contact your District Executive.


If you are still having an issue that isn't resolved by doing this on Internet Re-chartering, please contact the Volunteer Service Center at 770-989-8820.


Zoom Workshops

The Council Commissioner Team is hosting multiple Charter Renewal Workshop sessions via Zoom. These virtual sessions will include a brief update and explanation of common roadblocks. They will also allow you to meet with one of our Re-Charter experts and share your screen if you need to show a challenge you are experiencing in the online Charter Renewal system. Click the links below to sign-up:        

Saturday, December 12 @ 10:00 AM       

Tuesday, December 15 @ 6:00 PM

Wednesday, December 16 @ 6:00 PM

The Program Center staff will be able to receipt any funds and collect Re-Charter packets during their regular hours:

8:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. Monday-Friday 
9:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M. Saturday
Closed Sundays

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