District: Foothills

Located within Marietta and East Cobb.

Upcoming Event: 

Foothills District Camporall 

When: October 15-17, 2021

Where: Woodruff Scout Camp

Cost: $10 per youth, $2 per adult

*If you would like a t-shirt/hoodie you can order them directly from SquadLocker here
Prices are set by Squadlocker, Foothills District has not marked them up in any way and does not receive any portion of the purchase price.

Units please register together and not as individuals.

Click Here to register.


For more information, contact Rudi Shumpert

District Directory

Arnold Andrade

Arnold Andrade

Foothills District Director

(770) 989-2879

Leonardo Manzo

Leonardo Manzo

Foothills District Executive

(770) 989-8820