Youth Protection Seminar

Join us in person on Thursday, October 10, 2024 at the Volunteer Service Center from 8:00am-3:50pm for a fun and informative day to discover how you can partner in creating a safer Metro-Atlanta for our children. The Youth Protection Seminar will feature breakout sessions with presentations by local Atlanta experts on how we can recommit ourselves to our collective mission of building a stronger, safer community for the children in Metro-Atlanta. Tickets for the Youth Protection Seminar are $35 and will include lunch for the day.

The seminar will feature breakout sessions covering a variety of topics that range from trauma-informed leadership, and staff wellness, to working collaboratively with law enforcement.


Who is the Intended Audience for the Seminar? 

  • Anyone who works with children
  • Licensed Counselors
  • Social Workers 
  • Attorneys
  • Law Enforcement Officers 
  • Educators 
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Even concerned parents

The 2024 Youth Protection Seminar will be hosted by Amy Boney, Chief Executive Officer of the Children's Advocacy Centers of Georgia.

Youth Protection Resources Are Available Below:

2023 Program and Breakout Sessions



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