How Do I Update Pin pin can be updated by a “Key 3” leader of your pack (or a “Key 3 Delegate”), logging in to your My.Scouting.Org account and updating both the “BeAScout” setting and the “Organization Manager” for your Pack. The Key 3 leaders are Cubmaster, Chair, and Chartered Organization Representative - any of them can appoint up to 3 “Key 3 Delegates” from other registered leaders every year. 

In the BeAScout setting for your Pack on My.Scouting.Org, you can include your leader contact information and a brief description of your Pack and/or meeting times.

To update, make these changes:

  • In My.Scouting.Org, go to the drop-down menu, click “Legacy Web Tools” and select “BeAScout”.
  • At the top, under “Unit Description”, your Pack should appear or pull down the list of your units 
  • Under “Unit Pin Mode”, choose “Unit” (rather than “Council”) to update the pin with your Unit’s information.
  • To the right, under “Pin Status”, set the drop-down button to “Active.”
  • Further to the right, if you want an online registration option, under “Apply Status”, set the drop-down button to “Active.”
    • This now allows you to update information specific to your unit, including:
      • Primary Contract Information
      • Unit Website
      • Unit Meeting Address 
      • “Additional Unit Information” - a brief (140 character) description that sets your Pack apart, who you are and what you do.
  • To make all of this visible, see “Fields Displayed on Unit Pin”.
    • Select those you want to be visible.

Because BeAScout and Online Registration are actually separate systems with only a few connections, you need to do a few more steps:

In the Organization Manager setting for your Pack on My.Scouting.Org, you can complete the steps to opt in for “Online Registration” and create a “Welcome Email”, plus update whether your Pack is participating in Family Scouting.

  • In “Organization Manager”, in the top row, there are options for “Details” and “Settings”.
    • At first, you’ll be in “Details”, change to “Settings”.

Options that the Unit can tailor under settings include:

  • Who Approves Adult Applications?
    • Either just the Chartered Organization Representative or both the Chartered Organization Representative and the Committee Chair
  • Whether to “Opt In” or “Opt Out” to two types of Online Registration Emails that you write inside “Organization Manager”
    • Fees Email. The first one listed is a “Fees” email, since Online Registration will collect the BSA Registration Fee for the rest of the year (whenever one joins). 
      • You can enter the amount of your overall dues, and create an email with a short “welcome” message about dues, and how the amount of Registration Fee relates to that – like when the rest of dues and Scouting costs will be collected. 
      • In that message, Units should link to their Website or other data about how they do Scouting
      • Welcome Email. Here you can generate your own “Welcome” email and link to your Website or other data about how you do Scouting, with key contact information and maybe exciting highlights about what’s coming. 
        • You would be wise to consider how this email will “mesh with” or “conflict with” emails that come from the National BSA in the online registration process (those are described at the bottom of this “Promote Your Unit” page).
        • If your Pack does anything that is different than what is in the automatic National BSA messages, you will need to let new families know.

  • This page also lets you confirm what kind of pack you’ll be: either ‘Boys Only,’ ‘Girls Only’ or ‘Both Boys and Girls’.
    • Click “Opt-In” to declare what kind of Family Scouting you’ll do
      • Enter a current or recent “Effective Date” or otherwise the selection won’t register
      • Select the type of youth the Unit Can Accept:
        • ‘Boys Only’
        • ‘Girls Only’ or
        • ‘Both Boys and Girls’
      • You need to change this if the Pack's circumstances change

Want More? Create Invitations That Link to On-Line Applications

In the “Invitation Manager” setting for your Pack on My.Scouting.Org, a Unit “Key 3” leader (or Key 3 Delegate, or anyone registered as a “New Member Coordinator”) can do the following:

  • Create a URL Link for Applications and a QR Code for Applications
  • Send an email link for an Application to a new “Lead” for your Unit
    • When you meet someone at a “back to school” event, like a “meet and greet” or “open house”. 
    • Any time you hear about someone who “wants to join”.
    • At Sign-Up Night: you can have a Unit “Key 3” leader (or Key 3 Delegate, or anyone registered as a “New Member Coordinator”) enter Name, Phone and Email of an adult and immediately send them a link to sign up – no paper needed! 

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Online Registration Unit Overview 2019 pdf Download
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