University of Scouting - Virtual for 2021

Welcome to the 2021 University of Scouting!

University of Scouting is “Virtually” Awesome

University of Scouting (UoS) is the premier training council event of the year. Because successful units are led by trained leaders, UoS provides an opportunity for Scouters to receive supplemental and position specific training. We encourage your leadership team to attend UoS together.

2021 University of Scouting Flyer


Registering for University of Scouting

You can register as a group or as an individual. Registration includes classes and a 2021 UoS patch.

*General Registration is from January 13- February 26.  $5.00



Before selecting your classes, be sure to review this entire packet, including the description of classes.  There are classes for your specific Scouting area as well as a variety of classes that span across all the Scouting areas to enhance your supplemental training.  The day is structured with five periods.

All classes are only offered once.  We encourage unit leaders to attend together so your unit can gain as much of the valuable information offered as possible.


Editing Registrations

Once you or your unit have registered, you may go back into the website and edit your registration. 

Zoom links for classes: Zoom link instructions will be sent to you, via email, a couple days before UoS.


Questions and Assistance

Rachel Bailey - University of Scouting President


Additional Information to Help Your UoS Day Be a SUCCESS!

Hours and Class periods: There are 5 periods throughout the day. Most of the classes are scheduled for one period (50 minutes).  There are some classes which are scheduled for multiple periods.  Be sure to consult the schedule so you do not overlap your classes.

Period 1         9:00 to 9:50

Period 2         10:00 to 10:50

Period 3         11:00 to 11:50

Period 4         12:00 to 12:50

Period 5         1:00 to 1:50


Midway:  Stay tuned and look for our Midway Commercials at our virtual University of Scouting.

Scouting Fun and Learning:  Scouting is always more fun with a friend!  We invite you to bring at least one friend to learn and have a fun University of Scouting day with.

Childcare is NOT available for our position specific classes at the Volunteer Service Center.


Classes held In-Person at the Volunteer Service Center:

  • Den Leader Training 
  • Pack Committee Challenge
  • Cubmaster & Assistant Cubmaster
  • Troop Committee Challenge
  • Scoutmaster & Assistant Scoutmaster Training


Thanks to the 2020 University of Scouting Staff!

 Rachel Bailey, David Bone, John Caputo, Clifford Daniel, Melanie Daniel, Tom Godbold, Josh Kirkham, Lisa Webb


We also would like to thank ALL of our University of Scouting Instructors for sharing their time and knowledge with us.


Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5        
9:00 - 9:50 10:00 - 10:50 11:00 - 11:50 12:00 - 12:50 1:00 - 1:50        
S- First Class in the First Year S- The Patrol Method S- Successful High Adventure Trips S- Scoutmaster Conf & Board of Reviews S-Youth Leadership Positions in the Troop Track 1 Passcode: 588711 Meeting ID: 828 5162 8835
S- The Essentials of Merit Badge Counseling
(Periods 1-2)
S- Eagle Advisor & Coaches  S- Life to Eagle
(Periods 4-5)
Track 2 Passcode: 158682 Meeting ID: 838 7692 3459
S- Roughing it
with Style
S- Where Now? S-Back Country Chef   S-Iron Chef Track 3      
S- Scouts Advancement Challenge S- Conservation Minded and project planning S-Camp Gadgets     Track 4 Passcode: 364942 Meeting ID: 822 5871 9137
V-Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews 9:00-11:00 V-Intro to Older Youth Programs 11:00-12:30  V-Project Management 12:30-1:50 Track 5 Passcode: 344027 Meeting ID: 838 7892 9420
C- Family Scouting & Girl Dens C-Tigers,Wolves & Bears OH MY! C-Tools for WEBELOS & AOLs C- Fundraising Beyond Dues C-Motivating Parents Track 6 Passcode: 487477 Meeting ID: 864 6172 8446
C-Campfire Program C- Cub Games C- Pack Meeting PIZZAZZ C-Summertime Achievement C-STEM/NOVA Awards Track 7 Passcode: 520934 Meeting ID: 894 9674 0859
G- Faith in Scouting G- Religious Emblems Demystified G-  Overview of Chaplain /Chaplain's Aide & Training Overview G-Duty to God Adventure Tips & Tricks G-Managing Stressors affecting our Scouting Families Track 8 Passcode: 211320 Meeting ID: 871 0979 9904
G- Recruiting Now: Six Steps for Successful Recruiting G-Recruiting & Retaining Adult Leadership  G- Intro to GPS/ Geocaching G-Scouting on Demand-keeping connected G- Recognizing your Volunteer Leaders Track 9 Meeting ID: 812 0136 8383  
G-Bullying Awareness for Adults G-Campmaster Training G-Getting Youth to lead G-Committee Members Guide to Advancement G- Planning District Events Track 10 Passcode: 536038 Meeting ID: 838 0250 4689
G-Council Organized Camping & Activity Opportunities G-Scoutbook and Internet Advancement 101 - Basics G-Scoutbook and Internet Advancement - Administrators G-Supporting the Mental Health of our Scouts G-Including Scouts With Special Needs Track 11 Passcode: 247053 Meeting ID: 833 7576 5384
P = Position Specific S = Scouts C = Cub Scouts G = General Studies V- Venturing         

  • University of Scouting 2021 - VIRTUAL
    February 27, 2021

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