Tiger Leader Training

Welcome to Tiger Cubs!

If you are a new leader please click here

Tiger Cub Scouts are generally 1st Grade students. 

The Tiger program is designed to be a family-based program. Together, you and your Tiger Cub, will participate in fun activities while completing advancements.

We encourage you to become a trained Tiger Parent leader. Training will help you understand the Tiger program, give you confidence in your abilities, and enable you and your family to have fun while learning. 

There are two ways to become a trained Tiger Parent:

1. In-person training: This class will be taught by an experienced Cub Leader. You will learn tricks of the trade with other new Cub leaders. See the training calendar for dates and times.

Youth Protection, Lions and Tigers Parents Training or Den Leader Specific Training

2. On-line training: These are a series of modules that you may take at your leisure.

Thank you for taking the time to become a trained leader.