Shooting Sports

Scout Units, Venturing Units, and Districts are welcome to request the services of Certified Shooting Sports Instructors for archery, rifle, muzzleloading rifle, shotgun, and/or pistol (Venturing Only) activities at the Bert Adams Scout Camp or the Woodruff Scout Camp. All equipment is provided and participants and instructions cannot bring their own guns/bows. Scouts who already possess shooting skills will be given an opportunity to complete the shooting portion of the Archery, Rifle, or Shotgun Merit Badge requirements. For scouts participating in shotgun shooting, it is suggested that participants be at least age 13 and/or physically capable of safely handling a shotgun. Scout's participation in the shotgun shooting is at the discretion of the Shotgun Director. 

Next Steps

To request a shooting sports program for your Scouts BSA, Venturing, or District event or for your unit, please complete this online form. The number of volunteers available to staff your event will have a direct bearing on the number of participants that can shoot at a time. Since we rely on volunteers, there is no promise that your event will be covered. Please note the number of pistol certified instructors is limited.