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Last updated 3/19/2021

COVID-19 Update

As a leadership organization, we want to do our best to assist with slowing any potential spread of Coronavirus and keep our Scouting family and community healthy. We are following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Georgia State Department of Health, and our health committee led by Dr. Jeremy Ackerman.

If you are able to meet all State and local guidelines regarding in-person gatherings and activities, your Scouting group can now meet in person. Orders are regularly released from the State of Georgia, click here and your local county, city, and chartered organization may have policies of their own.

When considering an in-person gathering or activity, answer these questions in order:

  1. Are we allowed? The current State of Georgia orders allows gatherings of 50 or more to meet if they can remain 6 feet apart at all times or if they can spread out across more than one location If your group can meet this requirement, explore other local requirements for your community and Chartered Organization. There may also be restrictions put in place by the location where you plan to hold the activity. If it is permissible to gather, move on to the next question.
    • ""Gathering" shall mean more than fifty (50) persons physically present at a Single Location if, to be present, persons are required to stand or be seated within six ( 6) feet of any other person. Therefore, groups of more than fifty (50) people are permitted if their grouping is transitory or incidental, or if their grouping is the result of being spread across more than one Single Location." - Governor Kemp Executive Order

  2. If we’re allowed, can we and how will we do it safely? Follow State, Local Government, and Chartered Organization specific safety guidelines including:
    • Proper distancing;
    • The use of any required personal protective equipment (such as masks)
    • Cleanliness protocols (such as. handwashing and surface cleaning) are followed.
  3. If we’re allowed and we can do it safely, will people come? To answer this question, leaders must be in touch with their families. Even when permission is granted and safety protocols can be met, there is no guarantee that people will come. Scouting groups should discuss their plans with their families and understand their willingness to come out. If more people can be served in the digital space than are willing to come to the physical space, digital meetings and activities should continue so we can serve the maximum number of families. If families are willing and able to abide by safety protocols and requirements, the meeting or activity can be held in person.

We encourage all Scouting leaders to stay connected to your families at this time, work with them to understand their interests and willingness to gather together and create plans that meet prescribed policies to continue delivering Scouting to our youth. Whether you meet in person or in digital space, please be sure to provide some Scouting – even if it looks different – to our families who rely on us to help deliver the promise of Scouting.

Widespread COVID-19 and concern for the possibilities of outbreaks will require significant changes to operations in program areas for Scout activities. Planning for these scenarios will allow the review to assess risk and needs to operate safely and adjust offerings as the situation continues to evolve. This document serves as a starting point for developing plans by program area specialists and unit leaders.

See Guidelines Here!

Can we take our unit camping?

  • Yes!

Can I rent program equipment such as canoes while I am at camp?

  • No, unfortunately, State Guidelines prevent us from sharing AAC owned equipment at this time.

Can our unit/family bring our own program equipment?

  • Maybe; please call or email our program office and equipment will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Where can I find the State of Georgia executive orders regarding camps?

Are there any specific guidelines that I need to follow while I am at an AAC property?

  • Up to date site-specific information will be shared with you as your visit approaches. All of the AAC facilities reside in different counties. We have worked with local officials in each jurisdiction to honor the local leader's wishes for our operations in their communities. State Executive orders are the guidelines we must follow. Please be familiar with and be prepared to implement all of the state guidelines for the particular activity for which you are participating.

Will the Trading Post be open?

  • This information will be provided in your communication with site-specific personnel. It is our hope to offer limited Trading Post hours at WSC and BASC on the weekends or by appointment.

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Will the AAC have a health officer on duty during our visit?

  • No. Unit lead activities must provide Scout rendered first aid for their participants and coordinate with Ranger for any need beyond Scout rendered first aid.

Do we need to wear a mask while on the property?

  • When visiting the Volunteer Service Center masks are required. The AAC strongly encourages you to wear a mask while visiting any of our camps out of respect for those around you. When you are sharing your experience with any other visitors and will be closer than 6 feet away you must wear a mask.

Will restrooms be available?

  • All shower house/restroom facilities will be open during your stay.

How often will restrooms be cleaned?

  • Additional staff/volunteers will be on-site for the specific purpose of increasing our ability to clean and sanitize. Bathrooms will be visited at least 2 times per day. All high touch areas will be wiped down with an appropriate sanitizing solution. Cleaning supplies will also be available so that you may also clean.

As local councils and units use digital and online resources, such as video conferencing, to continue Scouting meetings, projects and advancement during the COVID-19 outbreak, the National Council is providing guidance in this UPDATED BSA Safety Moment that can be shared with anyone who has questions about topics such as video conferencing safety for Scouts and leaders. Note: This guidance is not comprehensive, and if it differs from the legal requirements of your state or local jurisdiction, please consult with your local council attorney.

Updates to previously released information include further guidance on recording of video conferences for adult participants and removal of the examples of video conferencing platforms.

For full details, view the Digital Safety and Online Scouting Activities Safety Moment, which is available publicly on 

We will continue to monitor governmental guidelines and update you via e-mail and on our website, Please familiarize yourself with the CDC guidelines on how to limit the spread of the virus, here at the CDC's Preventing COVID-19 Spread in Communities.

The Atlanta Area Council has partnered with SendSafely to bring a new opportunity to our adult volunteers to submit sensitive information via encrypted server.  

To use Send Safely click here!

A lockbox is available at the Volunteer Service Center for you to drop off paperwork.

To submit applications:

Go to and submit online or use Send Safely.

Scout Shop

10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. (M-F) 
9:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M. (Sat.)
Closed (Sun.)

Program Center

8:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. (M-F) 
9:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M. (Sat.)
Closed (Sun.)

While visiting, please keep a six-foot distance from others, wear a mask, use the provided hand sanitizer and if you are feeling sick wait and visit another day.

A Scout is Clean and Prepared

Please familiarize yourself with the CDC guidelines on how to limit the spread of the virus, here at the CDC's Preventing COVID-19 Spread in Communities.

The safety of our Scouts and Leaders is our number one priority. If you have questions about District or Council events happening in your area please contact your District Professional.

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