Schools and Community Presence

Recruiting is a Year-Round Process

Before you have any Sign-Up Event, starting with:

  1. Make a Calendar of Fun Activities that families like
  2. Let People Know – Promote Your Fun Events!
  3. Recruit More Leaders and Helpers 
  4. Grow your School and Community Presence, leading to
  5. Sign-Up Events: School Sign-Up Night and Fun Joining Events Too! 

How will a Strong School and Community Presence help – year-round? 

What about Community Presence

How can we get “seen” at Churches and in the community? Use the same tools, and consider your local resources:

  • Church and Community Website and Bulletins and eBlasts and Facebook and Twitter
  • Yard signs and posters at Churches and Community Locations
  • Flyers for handout and website posting and email and Facebook 
  • Get on the agenda: Scout Days at Church, recognition at civic groups for your service projects

Want More School Cooperation? 

Working through principals, teachers, other staff, PTA, parents; all are essential and can help support you and recruit more leaders. A BSA program is the Adopt-a-School Program, billed as “an exciting and comprehensive undertaking that will connect Scout packs, troops, and crews across the country with schools in their communities”. An AAC Adopt Your School plan is attached below.  The basic idea is:  if Scouts help Schools, Schools can help Scouts. So, how can Scouts help Schools?

  • Grounds beautification, clean up days, or tree planting and flower planting
  • Teacher and staff appreciation events (lunches, snacks, ceremonies), thank you cards
  • Raising/lowering school flags, flag ceremonies at School events
  • Scout help at festivals, book drives, food drives (Scouting for Food), clothing drives, another service
  • Scout support for activities like tutoring/mentoring, schoolyard games, library cleanup
  • Ask your school, find out what they want. 

All of this helps your success at Sign-Up Nights at Schools.

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