Every Scout should learn the value of hard work and earning their own way. The popcorn sale is the perfect opportunity to teach this valuable life lesson and fund the most exciting year of Scouting ever. Over 70% of the popcorn sale supports your programs and local Scouting! 

Scouts gain confidence, salesmanship and communication skills, and a sense of accomplishment. The popcorn sale is not just about selling popcorn; it’s also about promoting Scouting and the Scouting ideals!

Register for your unit to sell popcorn

Get your popcorn for storefront sales. Order 1 is due on Friday, August 11, 2023 with a distribution on Saturday, August 26, 2023.




File Name Description
2023 AAC Leader Guide 2023 Popcorn Leader Guide Download
2023 AAC Take Order Form 2023 Popcorn take order form Download
2023 Popcorn Logo 1 Black and gray logo Download
2023 Popcorn Logo 2 Blue and Yellow Logo Download
2023 Storefront Guide How to secure storeftronts by Trails End. Download
2023 Unit Kick Off Presentation Use this unit kick-off presentation for your popcorn kick off. Download
App Quick Start Guide Download
Become a VIP Levels to become a VIP Download
How to Connect to a Bluetooth Reader Learn how to connect a Bluetooth card reader for storefront sales. Download
How to Order Popcorn Instructions on how to place a popcorn order. Download
Overcoming Objections How to teach youth to overcome objections Download
Path to Advancement Cub Scout and Scouts BSA advancement opportunities. Download
Popcorn Key Dates View the 2023 Popcorn key dates and schedule Download
Scout Pledge Have Scout set a goal and sign a pledge card. Download
Trails End Storefront Banner File Use this file to get a banner created for your storefronts. Download