Merit Badge University

Merit Badge University | November 16, 2019

Merit Badge University is a quality Merit Badge program that helps Scouts learn about different fields of knowledge. By recruiting experienced professional counselors, Scouts receive an unparalleled experience. It’s hosted on the beautiful Kennesaw State University - Marietta campus, giving Scouts a great opportunity to experience a college atmosphere.

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The $20 registration fee includes breakfast as well as program materials for most classes with only a few exceptions. A few classes may have additional fees or may run slightly longer than the event schedule. You will be notified of any of these exceptions by the instructor after you register.


 7:30 am to 8:00 am - Drop-off at the Gymnasium (Breakfast provided for all registered   Scouts)
 8:10 am to 8:25 am - Flags and Opening Assembly
 8:30 am - Scouts disburse to Classrooms (Class time is 4 hours)
 12:45 pm - All Scouts reconvene at the Gymnasium for Dismissal
 1:00 pm - Pick-up/ Dismissal at the Gymnasium


• Drop-off and Pick-up will be at the Gymnasium (labeled campus building S2 and building #635) on the Kennesaw State University - Marietta Campus (formerly Southern Polytechnic State University).  Using your GPS/nav system, enter Walter Kelly Road, Marietta to get directions directly to the Gym. 
All Scouts must be dropped off and picked up at the Gymnasium

• All Scouts must be dropped off and picked up at the Gymnasium, labeled building S2/ building #635. Scouts must not leave from their classrooms.   
• Scouts are expected to wear full Class A field uniform unless directed otherwise by their Merit Badge course counselor. 
• The Merit Badge course counselors will be provided with their class lists on November 4th, and your counselor may contact you via email with detailed information or prerequisites. 
• KSU-Marietta is in session, and we are their guests.  Parents who choose to wait on campus must stay in the Gym or in nearby outdoor seating.  Young children/siblings should be left at home due to safety hazards for youngsters on this college campus; all young children/siblings must be closely supervised (kept within arm’s reach).  Absolutely no pets are allowed on campus! 
• Cell phone usage by Scouts is discouraged from 8 am (drop-off) to 1 pm (pick-up). Cell phones must be put on SILENT or turned off at the beginning of the class, and the cell phone will be taken from any Scout who uses their phone during class time unless they have specific permission from their course counselor.  Expect that counselors will implement a cell phone control system in their classroom.   
• Scouts will be able to print a “blue card” indicating their progress, from the Tentaroo registration system, within one week after the event.  Some merit badges can be fully earned at this MBU; other merit badges will be partially completed and the individualized blue card will list the completed requirements.   
• There are NO CONCESSIONS available, so Scouts may bring a sealed snack/drink to consume during the morning break. 

Cancellation Policy
Cancelations made prior to 5 PM on October 18 will receive a full refund. Cancellations made after 5 pm October 18 but before midnight October 31st will receive a 50% refund. Beginning November 1st, no refunds will be issued but the registered Scout may swap to a different merit badge class that has available seats.  Those still on waitlists on October 19 will be able to select another class or be issued a refund.

Classes Offered
Our class offerings are still being finalized, but they will include the following: Art, Bugling Chemistry, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communication, Composite Materials, Crime Prevention, Dentistry, Digital Technology, Disability Awareness, Electronics, Emergency Preparedness, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Science, Fire Safety, First Aid, Geneology, Geocaching, Journalism, Music, Nuclear Science, Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Photography, Programming, Public Speaking, Radio, Space Exploration, Stamp Collecting, Sustainability, Traffic Safety, and Weather.

Scouts will only be able to select one MB class, and most will require pre-work and post-work. The week after the event you will be emailed instructions on how to pull the report on items completed the day of and any pre-work they bring in.

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