Fun Scouting Activities | Scouting On Demand: November

  • Fly a kite.  Autumn means a bit of a breeze in Georgia and it’s a great time to take to the skies with a kite.  Don’t have a kite?  Make one! 

  • Collect supplies for your local food pantry.  Even if it’s just a few cans from your next grocery trip, it means alot to the folks in your community.  Find your local food pantry here - or talk to your Pack, charter organization, or church to see if they have a food pantry they support - make it easy, help out.

  • Make a pinecone turkey (or a whole flock) for the Thanksgiving table.  Take a walk to your favorite tree to find the best pinecones.  While you’re there, why not take a 1 foot hike?

  • Duty to Country - Visit a local historic site and explore the rich and incredibly impactful history of Georgia. Explore the Etowah Indian Mounds, a beautiful trip back in time.  Make sure to pack a snack for a quiet bite by the river.  Snacks are 1 of the 6 Essentials, so enjoy Being Prepared! - or wander Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield, an amazing window into the Civil War - And no, you don’t need to hike up the mountain to take in the incredible depth of Kennesaw Mountain.  The Environmental Trail is a great walk in the woods; add the 24 Gun Trail for older Cubs.  

  • A Scout is Helpful - Get In And Scout - A lot of us celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of November.  There’s no better time to show your Scout Spirit than surrounded by family and friends.  Help out in any way you can (maybe leave carving the turkey to a caring adult) and be cheerful and friendly to all gathered.  No uniform will be needed to pick out the Scout in the house.  

  • Easy Cub Scout Camp Cooking - S’mores four ways. Make your favorite this weekend; fire is optional.

  • Backyard Cub Scout Tricks - Easy shoelace knot tripod and blanket tipi.