Commissioners Support Your Scouting Program

Commissioner Service

Led by the Council Commissioner, the Commissioner team is a group of volunteers that provides service to Units, Chartered Organizations, Districts and the Council. These volunteer leaders are appointed by the Council Commissioner with the approval of the Council Board of Directors and the recommendation of the District Committee.

What Do Commissioners Do?

Commissioners are an extension of the council’s professional staff in service to chartered organizations and to the Units in the Atlanta Area Council. Commissioners provide help and guidance for Unit Renewal and the Journey to Excellence program. They provide supplemental training and unit support at monthly Roundtable meetings. This group of Scouters offers updated District/Council/National information to the local Units to help leaders provide the best program available to our youth.

What is a Unit Commissioner?

A Unit Commissioner is a volunteer Scouter who, through regular unit visits, works directly with units to help them provide the highest quality Scouting program possible. Unit Commissioners represent the ideals, principles and policies of the Scout program while providing the resources of the District and Council to the units they serve.

What is Roundtable?

Roundtable is a monthly meeting conducted by the Roundtable Commissioners in each District with the goal of providing resources, knowledge and skills to leaders to enable and motivate them to deliver outstanding program to their units. Roundtable provides a forum for leaders in the Scouting program to:

  • Meet and exchange ideas and information with other leaders from their district
  • Learn about upcoming District and Council events and programs
  • Increase knowledge of the Scouting program, policies and procedures
  • Develop exciting new programs that significantly affect the agendas of each Unit in the Scouting program