DRAFT Climbing Weekends


(Your Unit Plans the Date)

Rocktown is a bouldering paradise - fully worthy of its “destination” status. Nestled in the sylvan woods atop Pigeon Mountain in northwest Georgia, Rocktown is an unbelievable
labyrinth of fine southern sandstone. Beautiful orange, white, and rust colored boulders and ancient broken cliff lines provide a perfect natural medium for rock climbing.
Equipment: Bring sunscreen, water bottle, lunch, boots or sturdy shoes, and rain gear. You may bring your own climbing shoes but all other climbing equipment will be provided.
Fee: $27.00 per scout. Due 2 Weeks Prior to the event
Personal Health Forms: A current Personal Health Form is required.
Hold Harmless / Consent Forms: All Climbing/COPE participants are required to complete the Hold Harmless and/or Informed Consent Forms prior to any participation in Climbing/COPE.
Schedule: You must email David Briick (davidbriick@hotmail.com) or David Garton (david.garton@biology.gatech.edu) to pre-schedule your date.
Registration: Sign up at the Volunteer Service Center
1800 Circle 75 Parkway, SE
Atlanta, GA 30339
For Information: Contact David Briick (davidbriick@hotmail.com) or David Garton (david.garton@biology.gatech.edu) or call the Program Center at: 770-989-8820 Please put “event code 6068” in the memo portion of your check.