Caving Weekends

Caving Adventures

Customized, high adventure trips to a variety of local caves for Troops, Venture Crews and Scouts BSA Patrols. Groups of all ages will enjoy the beauty and wonder of exploring some of the best caves in the country. For participants 14 years old and older, there is the option of visiting a vertical cave.
For Scouts BSA Troops that want to cave as larger groups, we will train a number of your leaders and then accompany them and your Troop to a local cave.
All trips are customized to your wants and skill level and are scheduled on an individual basis. Horizontal caving trips are $5 per participant, while there is a $25 per participant cost for vertical caving. Helmets are provided to all participants and in addition, harnesses and all technical equipment are provided to vertical cavers. Participants must provide their own lights (3 per person).
To schedule an event caving please contact David Garton at or Michael Taylor at Or call 678-756-1672.