Basic Training

Basic Adult Leader Training is comprised of two courses: Youth Protection and Position-Specific Training. Youth Protection Training is required for all volunteers prior to registration and must be retaken every two years. Position-Specific Training is based upon your role in the Scouting Program and should be taken each time you take on a new position.

Youth Protection Training

The Boy Scouts of America places the greatest importance on creating the most secure environment possible for our youth members.


Youth Protection Training is required for all volunteers prior to registration and must be taken every two years.

To take Youth Protection Training go to and create an account. From the portal, click on the link on the right sidebar that says "New to Scouting? Click here to take training." Upon completion, you may print your certificate and turn in to your unit leadership.

Position-Specific Training

Position-Specific Training courses give you the job-related information you need -- a Trained Leader not only gives the boys a better program, but you'll have a better time! Leader Position-Specific Training, covers each program area (Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Exploring) and each job within each Unit: Cubmasters and Den Leaders (and Assistants) of Cub Scout Packs, Scoutmasters (and Assistants) of Scout BSA Troops, Crew Leaders of Venturing Crews, and Committee Members for all units.

For Cub Scouting, Leaders a special version of Position-Specific Training and is also available through

For Tiger Cub Leaders a special version of Position-Specific Training called "Tiger Time!" is available.

For Scout BSA, Venturing and Exploring, Troop Committee Leader Position-Specific Training is online (called "Troop Committee Challenge"), but other leaders of Scout BSA Troops (Scoutmasters and Assistants) and Venturing Crews (Advisors and Assistants) must attend an in-person, live Leader Position-Specific Training for Scoutmasters, including, for Scout BSA Troops, Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (that is also required for Venturing Crews that camp). See the Council Training Calendar for these “Troop Leader” and "Outdoor Scout BSA" training options.

Chartered Organization Representative Training

This training is designed to teach Chartered Organization Representatives on how to act as a liaison between Scouting units and their Chartered Organizations. This is typically taught as an in-person course (see Training Calendar for dates) and is often offered at University of Scouting.

Commissioners' Training

Commissioners are some of the most important volunteers in the Boy Scouts of America. These specially trained volunteers serve units throughout the council and assist them with tasks including annual recharter. Trainings are available for Unit, District and Roundtable Commissioners. Click here for more information on Commissioners' Training.