Scouting On Demand

Cub Scout Launch Parties

Launch Parties introduce parents and Scouts to Cub Scouting, covering Scout Life, Camp Life, and Family Life.

  • Scout Life: Watch a new Scouting family like yours visit their pack for the first time. See Cub Scouts and leaders share their favorite experiences in Cub Scouting.
  • Camp Life: Experience a family’s journey through their first Cub Scout camping trip.
  • Family Life: Watch a family like yours adopt Scouting values in their home and everyday life.

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About Scouting On Demand

Scouting On Demand brings Atlanta families the opportunity to experience Scouting programs at a time and place that fits their schedule and lifestyle.  

It combines fun, innovative, and simple instructions for adventures that parents can experience with their child at home, in their neighborhood, at Atlanta Area Council properties and camps, or other locations within the community.

Scouting On Demand features instructional videos, virtual programming, subscription box content mailed to homes, and much more. All programs and materials are easily accessible to parents and are designed to empower families to Scout together, learn new skills and have fun while building lasting memories.