Register for Program Events with Tentaroo

All District and Council activities (Training, Family Camping, Day Camp, etc.) a unit or family can participate in requires registration for the event. The Council has a registration system called Tentaroo.

Pro Tip: While you plan your program work to avoid planning activities on religious holidays. For a full calendar of religious observance dates visit


Account Types

There are two account types: Unit and individual/family. All Atlanta Area Council units have an account in the system. Many of you have already created individual/family accounts.

Unit Accounts

Should be used for registration for events you attend as a unit, such as weekend camping, Council and District events and Summer Camp. This account login information can be shared with any registered adult member of the unit, so make sure you keep the User ID and password something generic. It is not recommended that you register for individual trainings on the unit account as other adults will have access to it.

Don’t have your Unit login? Email for the Unit login!

Individual/Family Accounts

These accounts should be used for registrations for trainings, parents signing up their Scouts for activities such as Merit Badge Days, and Council or District events. Your login information will never be shared with anyone.

How to Register for Events

Once you’re logged in to your account you’ll see a summary of the upcoming events that you’re currently registered for. To register for an event select “Events” from the menu on the far left. You will have a list of the Event Types that have upcoming events. You can scroll through or use the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to search for the one you’re looking for. Many of our events have multiple offerings, such as multiple Wood Badge Courses, multiple dates for CPR training and multiple Merit Badge Days. You’ll then select the specific date you wish to register for. You’ll fill in the participant contact information or select them from the list of participants you have previously registered. If your event has class options you can use the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to search through the classes to find the one(s) you’d like to register for. Always check out after making any changes, even if no payment is due. Nothing is saved or done until you check out. Have Questions? Email for assistance.