Program Planning for July 2025

Things to Remember This Month:

  • Organize New Dens and Recruit New Den Leaders
  • Sign Up for Wood Badge Training
  • Sign Up for 2026 Summer Camp

July Council Events

Allatoona Aquatics Base Merit Badge Classes

June - September

Aquatics-focused merit badge courses, summer through fall.


Scouts BSA Summer Camp


Experience Summer Camp at Bert Adams or Woodruff Scout Camps.


Cub Scout Overnight Camp

Date TBD

Enjoy Fun in the Sun at Bert Adams Scout Camp!



Cub Scout Day and Twilight Camps

June - July

Many districts will be offering Day Camp or Twilight Camps throughout the summer. Register for any event in any district.


Popcorn Kickoffs


Learn how the popcorn sale supports your programs and local Scouting!


Quarterly Commissioner Meeting

July 16

Strategic meeting of Unit Commissioners to discuss how to best serve their unit programs.



Council Coordinated Meeting

July 23

Strategic meeting of District Operating Committee Chairs and District leadership.


Even More Adventures in Your Den and Pack

Cub Scouting is Fun, Family and Friends, and if “Keep It Simple, Make It Fun” is our plan, you’ll want to do even more Fun*Simple*Easy activities with your Den families and the friends of your Den families who might want to “test drive” Cub Scouting and join your Den and Pack. Let your families get to know each other and plan for the new program year – and help put on your Den and Pack program. More ideas and places to go at

July Planning Items

Summertime: Make it Fun, Simple and Easy!

School’s Out For Summer! School breaks afford Cub Scout Dens and Packs a perfect opportunity for special activities that are fun, simple and easy. See some ideas in the link below, and consider whether your Pack or Den might qualify for the National Summertime Pack Award.

On The Lookout For Leaders

Simple Scouting summertime events are a great way to identify how parents in your Pack really do want to help … now is a great time to “turn parents into helpers and helpers into leaders”. Don’t forget adult social events to bond parents and leaders into a working team. There is no single “silver bullet” solution, but we have quite a quiver of arrows to help you hit the target when you try to grow your team. More at

Share your Scouting Experience

As your Unit experiences exciting new things at Summer Camp, be sure to share your stories on social media to promote Scouting in our community. You can use #BertAdams or #Woodruff at camp or tag @ATLBoyScouts on Twitter and Instagram throughout the year to get your stories re-shared with other Scouts throughout Atlanta.

If your Unit is looking for ideas for new activities check us out on social! Facebook |
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