Marietta After School Scouting Program

Scouting in Marietta

Almost 17 years ago, a partnership began between the Atlanta Area Council, Marietta City and Cobb County Schools when youth and their families struggled to join Scouting due to financial and time restraints. The school boards and AAC joined together to begin a unique Scoutreach funded program that solved the problem – the Marietta After School Scouting Program. The Atlanta Area Council removed financial barriers by providing funding assistance, and the schools removed time restraints by providing the opportunity for Scout meetings to happen immediately after school and leadership. Every year more families turn to Scouting to teach values that are crucial to a positive learning environment: A Scout is courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful.  Scouting adds value and application to academic experiences that are part of the school’s curriculum.


The Need

The schools participating in the Marietta After School Scouting Program have over 70% of their students enrolled in the free or reduced lunch programs and growing. As the program has drastically grown, so has the need for financial assistance.

The Solution  

Through Scoutreach, the Council removes any barriers that might prevent youth from participating in Scouting. Finding committed parents to volunteer is often challenging in low-income areas. Through Scoutreach, our paid Scout leaders, called Program Specialists, and stipend teachers, implement the program on a bi-weekly basis providing Scouts with the best Scouting program including all of the handbooks, uniforms, and program supplies that they need. Additionally, camp scholarships, transportation, and food are provided as needed to make sure that they receive the best of what Scouting has to offer.

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