Funding your Scouting Program

Scouting is one of the most affordable programs for families to take part in. Through Popcorn and Camp Card sales, the Atlanta Area Council offers Scouts the opportunity to earn their way in Scouting while gaining confidence, learning salesmanship and attaining a sense of accomplishment.


Every Scout should learn the value of hard work and earning their own way. Over 70% of the popcorn sale supports your program and local Scouting! The Atlanta Area Council does all the pre-work to set up the sale making it easy for your Unit to get started. The popcorn sale also helps the council raise money for summer camps, offer more extensive training for our volunteers and create exciting programs for your Scouts. Scouts gain confidence, salesmanship, communication skills and a sense of accomplishment. The popcorn sale is not just about selling popcorn; it’s also about promoting Scouting and the Scouting ideals!

Camp Cards

Camp Cards are an excellent way for Scouts to earn their way to camp. These cards, created in partnership with local and national businesses, offer discounts. Cards are sold by Scouts to members of their community. Profits from these cards are split evenly between the council and the individual Scout. The funds a Scout earns can be used towards Summer Camp or other Scouting activities.

Units participating in this program will earn 50% commission for each now $10 Camp Card they sell. The sale begins in February and ends in April. This program is RISK FREE; Units can simply return any unsold cards at settlement at the end of the sale.

Each Unit should have a Unit Camp Card Champion. Their responsibilities are to manage all aspects of the sale, clearly communicate sale information with leaders, parents and Scouts. Camp Card Champions will order, receive and distribute cards to Scouts at the beginning of the sale; at the end of the sale they will reconcile cash and unsold cards with the

Unit Money Earning Applications

A Unit must submit a Unit Money Earning Application to the council prior to any fundraiser outside of Popcorn and Camp Cards. The application is found in the link below and should be submitted to the Program Center at least two weeks in advance of the fundraiser.

Whenever your Unit is planning a money-earning project, be sure to refer to the BSA’s “Guides to Unit Money Earning Projects” found in the Unit Money Earning Application. If your answer is yes to all the questions in this document, it is likely the project conforms to Scouting’s standards and will be approved.


Every Scout deserves the chance to experience the complete Scouting Adventure. Because of the generosity of local Scouting supporters, no Scout will be turned away from attending camp because of financial need. The Atlanta Area Council offers a variety of ways for Scouts to earn their way to camp, including Camp Card and Popcorn sales.

For those Scouts attending an Atlanta Area Council camp who still need additional assistance, limited camperships can be awarded to Scouts in need.

Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting is the annual campaign where the Atlanta Area Council asks Scouting families, businesses and civic-minded citizens to support Scouting.

Why should I give to Friends of Scouting?

The Friends of Scouting campaign provides roughly one-quarter of the funds needed to support the Atlanta Area Council’s camps, programs and facilities for a calendar year. Most importantly, Friends of Scouting gives every child in Metro-Atlanta the opportunity to be a Scout, no matter their economic circumstance.

I already paid my child’s registration and the Unit collects dues. Haven’t I already supported Scouting?

Yes, and thank you. Those fees go directly to the Boy Scouts of America to provide insurance and national support. If your child’s Scout Unit collects dues, that money stays with the Unit to help pay for trips and other activities. The Friends of Scouting campaign helps the Atlanta Area Council, our local Scouting program, pay for:

  • Serving youth in at-risk areas
  • Camp scholarships to Scouts needing assistance
  • Training thousands of adult volunteer leaders
  • Maintaining and staffing the council’s three camping properties
  • Developing communication to better support Unit programs
  • Increased marketing efforts to encourage more youth to join Scouting and support programing
  • Insurance

If you have any questions, please contact your District Executive.