Bobcat Rank Advancement

Here’s How to Help Your Scout Earn Bobcat

No matter what age or grade a youth joins Cub Scouting, they must earn the Bobcat badge before advancing to the rank of Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, or Arrow of Light – currently the official rule is that Kindergarten Lion Scouts don’t get recorded credit for the Bobcat badge until after earning Lion (but a Scout is Kind, so if your Kindergarten Lion completes the Bobcat requirements, it is only fair to award the Badge).  To complete the Bobcat requirements, a youth must:

Ideas for how to earn Bobcat and make it fun for Cub Scouts – and easy for new parents to lead – are found on this Bobcat Advancement Resource page, which has both fun den group activity ideas, including some great “first activity” plans with parts for all parents to lead and succeed with the den of Scouts.  It also has family-led adventure resources for parents to do on their own schedules, some of which are also found on our Scouting on Demand Bobcat resource page.  Kindergarten Lions will do most of the requirements for Bobcat as part of the Lion program – that’s a strong reason why we encourage you to award the Bobcat patch to Lions who’ve completed the requirements (it’s just not fair to hold it back).

File Name Description
A First Den Meeting Plan with Bobcat Download
Den Meeting Bobcat Adventure Plans in Word Two den meeting plans and additional resources for the Bobcat Rank Adventure Download
Family Led Bobcat Adventure Plans Download