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Each month Scouting On Demand will offer Scouting activities you can do as a family or participate with your Den or Pack! These activities are focused on FUN, easy ways to hang out with your family, learn a little and enjoy the great outdoors!

Summer Night Sky | June Activity

June is the month that summer begins and the night sky lights up.  Here are some fun things to do as a family or pack.

June 20-(Sunday) Beginning of Summer Solstice also known as the first day of Summer.

Virtual Trip to Stonehenge

Enjoy strawberries and cream (a Swede tradition).  This is significant because the June solstice is known as The Full Strawberry Moon and the longest day of the year.  Strawberries in the U.S. coincidently are ripened at that time and ready to be picked.  A step further would be to go strawberry picking with the family.  

Strawberries and Cream Kids Recipe

Family or Pack Strawberry Picking:

Enjoy a Midsummer’s Day Family Scavenger Hunt, Bonfire, and Storytelling.  Historically the shortest night of the year. 

Folklore tales: 

Scavenger Hunt:

Fernbank Planetarium (Virtual edition)

 Build a Telescope:

Star Gazing:

Fly a Kite | May Activity

May is the perfect time for kite flying due to sunny days, nice breezes, and high winds.

This month, Scouting on Demand is focused on helping you build and fly a kite.

Kite building has evolved from a simple 2 stick diamond model to others such as elaborate box kites and many other designs.

For this activity you will be given directions for a simple 2 stick diamond kite made from newspaper, however, feel free to build your own more elaborate creation with your family.

Get the kite instructions here

Wheels and Reels | April Activity

Join us on Saturday, May 1 at Bert Adams Scout Camp for CROODS 2!

  • 7:00pm Snack Shack opens
  • 7:45pm Movie Begins
  • Location - Bert Adams Scout Camp Triple J Family Pavilion

For those who register for this free event before April 29, you will receive a coupon for a free Slushie from the Snack Shack.

Bring your blanket or camp chairs and pick a spot on the Gorman Field next to the Triple J Family Pavilion.

We will have an interactive BINGO sheet for your family to play while watching the movie.

May’s Scouting On Demand Activity is Kite Flying. We encourage you to bring a kite and fly it at the bottom part of Gorman Field while waiting for the movie to begin.

Registration Closed

Seed, Plant, Grow | March Activity

With the renewal of the year and with the start of Spring right around the corner on March 20 (also known as the Vernal Equinox), new life emerges. 

Growing your own good can be considered Sustainability by creating your own food source. 

Gardens have been around since the beginning of time and have evolved from simple to massive incorporating many different types of food to a simple herb garden.  

This activity is for a simple herb garden.  The steps below are for a smaller scale garden for practice in making a bigger garden. 

  1. Make a compost pile.  Learn how at www.gardening
  2. Consider what you will grow.  An herb garden is easy and very kid/family friendly . 
  3. Choose a location.  This will be determined by your space availability.  For beginners let’s garden in a flower box.  If space is limited you can plan in plastic tubs which will make your garden portable. 
  4. Prepare the area you will plant in by breaking up the soil. 
  5. Add compost from step 1 above
  6. Pick what you will be planting.  Take into consideration the time it takes your garden to be harvested.  Cucumbers are a quick garden vegetable to grow. 
  7. Start planting
  8. Tend to your garden daily and water as needed

A fun suggestion for beginners is a Pizza herb garden.  This garden consists of growing parsley, basil and oregano.  Pick up plum tomatoes at your local grocer however, to take it one step further plant a few tomatoes.  Plum tomatoes are a good choice and have a harvest period of 60-80 days.  For further directions please refer to  

Other gardening sites for use are:

Learning to garden is helpful with scout adventures.  See below which adventures are obtainable by building a garden

Have fun growing!

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