When Can Units/Districts Camp or Conduct Activities at Council Properties?

Units/Districts can conduct camps or activities on council properties between mid-August (2 weeks after resident camp ends) and Early May (prior to OA Ordeals- date varies by camp).

Council camps are closed on the following holidays: Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas to New Years (this entire week), Easter Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, most of the month of May and the first two weeks of August (after resident camp). 

You may submit your unit camping requests for the next following camp season (Mid-August to Mays 1st) beginning on the following dates:

  • January 1st - Council Activities can request camp facilities
  • February 1st - Districts can send in their camping requests
  • March 1st - Units can send in their camping requests

Note: You cannot request a camp/activity date beyond May 1st of the following year.

Click on the camp name below to access the weekend camping reservation system

Bert Adams Scout Reservation

Camp Allatoona Aquatics Base

Woodruff Scout Reservation