Atlanta Area Council  

Getting Your Post Started

Organizing Explorer posts in your organization is easy. Just follow these five successful steps:

Step One. Secure commitment from the head of the organization.

Step Two. Call planning meetings of key staff members.

The head of the organization calls a meeting of key department staff members in the

organization with an Exploring Executive in attendance. The Exploring Executive will

  • Explain how Exploring works.
  • Describe adult leader roles and responsibilities.
  • Identify program support methods.

Step Three. Conduct open house training for the post committee

Your Explorer post committee and Advisors meet with an Exploring Executive to

  • Discuss potential program opportunities for the coming year.
  • Plan the final details for First Nighter.
  • Complete the adult leader roster and Application for Participation.
  • Secure signature of the head of the organization on the annual Memorandum of Understanding.

 Step Four. Invite youth, mail invitations, promote program in schools and follow up by telephone.

The head of the organization writes a personal letter to each young adult selected from the survey, inviting their friends and parents to attend and First Nighter as his or her guests.

  • The committee should conduct a telephone follow-up two days before the First Nighter.
  • Confirm First Nighter arrangements and print the outline of the post’s planned program for distribution during the First Nighter.

 Step Five. Conduct the First Nighter (first meeting).

  • Confirm arrangements and follow the suggested First Nighter (first meeting) agenda.
  • Collect Explorer rosters and enrollment fees for the new post.
  • Make plans for youth officer elections and training.


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