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1st Nighter Helpful Hints

Your post 1st nighter/open house is your programs first initial exposure to prospective members.  It must draw them in to come out again and join your post.  Make this meeting exciting with hands-on activities and sufficient information so that they know how your post runs and how to join up. 

  • Have youth sign-in upon arrival (see here).
  • Provide youth and parents with a program agenda (see here).
  • Program Informational Packet:
    • Exploring Youth Application- (see here)
    • Specific Post application, if applicable
    •  Program Calendar (dates, meeting time & location only)
    •  Post contact information (to include name, phone, email)
    • Post rules/guidelines/ expectations
    •  Any other additional forms your post may have
  • If DVD player is available, show the 1st Nighter DVD – provided by your Exploring Representative.
  • The 1st Nighter is the opportunity to answer any questions the youth or parents may have.
  • Your 1st Nighter should last no longer than one hour.





The best recruiters in any post are the Explorers themselves. Ask each explorer to list three to five prospective participants on cards. Then have the exploring youth leaders sorts the cards and eliminates duplication. The names are reviewed at a post meeting, and those who know the people best are assigned to invite them to a meeting. Don’t assign more than three prospects to a post participant. Set a target date for the contacts to be completed, with regular reports on progress.

Another idea is to plan a 1st nighter/open house event where you can invite possible Explorers prospects to attend.

Contact the school nearest you and set up a recruiting display at a lunch period a day or two during the week and recruit in person with an advisor and/or a couple of Explorers.

Many posts place meeting notices or posters in schools or young adult centers. Radio and newspaper publicity could feature your post and Invite those interested to attend an open house.





When prospective participants visit your post, make them feel welcome. See to it that post participants circulate among the prospects and encourage them to join. Get names, addresses, and phone numbers. Call them right after the meeting and invite them to the next meeting. Keep careful track of whom came, and be sure they know you want them to join and when your next meeting takes place.

The Advisor or associate Advisor might call the prospect’s parents to tell them about the post and to encourage their son or daughter to join. Recruiting new participants should be an ongoing process.

 Most posts experience a turnover in participation. Participants move, get jobs, or graduate and are unable to continue in your post. Watch your attendance, contact participants who miss two or three meetings, and continually encourage post participants to look for and invite prospects.


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