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NEW: Click here to register your Unit for the 2016 Popcorn Sale!

NEW! 2016 Popcorn Sale Commission Structure

Show and Sell / Take Order Commission Structure

Base Commission - 30%

  1. Sell popcorn
  2. Receive 30 % commission on all Show And Sell/Take Order Sales

Base Commission Plus - 35%:

  1. Attend Unit Kernel Training
  2. Attend Council Kickoff
  3. Pick up popcorn on time (relative to to Show And Sell/Take Order dates)
  4. Pay popcorn balance to Atlanta Area Council by 12/8/16

35% plus 50% of Growth:

  1. Fullill all requirements for 35% commission
  2. PLUS grow any sale amount over 2015 sale total.

Online Sales Commission Structure

Units receive 50% Commission on all online sales

Congratulations to our Winners!

Units that registered to sell popcorn by April 30th were entered into a drawing for 1 of 3 fantastic prizes.  Congratulations to our winners:

  • GoPro - Pack 61, Silver Comet District
  • Apple Watch Sport - Troop 608, Button Gwinnett District
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card - Pack 787, Southwest Atlanta District


The Popcorn Sale is Important!

• Scouts gain confidence, salesmanship and communication skills, and a sense of accomplishment. The popcorn sale is not about selling popcorn, it’s about promoting Scouting and the Scouting ideals!
• Units have the ability to fund their entire year’s program through the popcorn sale alone (45% of selling Units last year achieved this). We have also changed the ordering guidelines and Units are allowed to order by container and not by the full case (Take Order only). This reduces the risk of having left over product at the end of the sale.

• The popcorn sale helps the Council raise money for improving the summer camp facilities/building new camp locations, offering more extensive training for our volunteer leaders and members, and helping us get to know and serve the needs of our volunteers and Units better.

Popcorn Sale Resources

There are plenty of good reasons for your Scouts to take part in the annual popcorn sale! Besides the money that can be earned for camp and Scouting activities throughout the year, Scouts learn valuable skills like teamwork, goal setting, time management and salesmanship - just to name a few.

These resources have all sorts of useful information to aid you and your Unit in the popcorn sale and, as always, we are here to help answer any questions that you may have. Just email Emily Rendini.


2016 Resources

2016 Popcorn Calendar   2016 Product Information   2016 Kernel Contact List
For Unit Kernels   Training   Unit Planning

Tips & Best Practices
Unit Kernel Timeline
Answers to Selling Popcorn Objections

Unit Kernel Job Descriptions


New Kernel Training
Unit Kernel Training
Council Kick-Off
Online System Login for Scouts & Leaders
Popcorn System Login Info
Unit Commission Requirements

Square Credit Card Readers


Unit Incentive Flyer Template
Ideas for Unit Incentives
3 Year Sales History
Popcorn Earning Potential
Budget Planners

Kickoff   Door to Door Sales   Show N Sell

Parent Handout Template
Popcorn Kickoff Template 1
Popcorn Kickoff Template 2
Answers to Buying Popcorn Objections
Ideas for a Fun Kickoff
New Scout Flyer
Sales Goal Poster
Sample Script for Scouts
Scout Incentive Handout Template


Military Receipt
Customer Tracking Sheet


Show N Sell Location Ideas
What to Order for Show N Sell
Show N Sell Ordering Worksheet
SAMPLE Show N Sell Tally Sheet
Show N Deliver Tips

Show N Sell Permission Letter


Online Selling   Forms   Tracking

Leader Online Account Setup
Online Sales FAQ

Scout Online Account Setup


Take Order Form


SCOUT Popcorn Summary
DEN or PATROL Popcorn Summary
UNIT Popcorn Summary

Popcorn Ordering   For Boy Scouts   Scholarship
How to Order Unit Popcorn  
8 Reasons Boy Scouts should Sell
Using Popcorn for Merit Badges
How the Scholarship Works
2015 Scholarship Enrollment Form


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