Is your scout a Top Seller?

If your scout has sold $1,000 or worth of popcorn then they can participate in the Top Sellers Extravaganza!

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Scouts that sold $1,000- $3,999 will receive 2 free tickets*

Scouts that sold $4,000 and more will receive 4 free tickets*

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*All tickets are general admission tickets

If you have any issues purchasing additional tickets please click here

Important Documents:


Kickoff Powerpoint

New Kernel Training Powerpoint


Popcorn Order Form

Sample Show-N-Sell Tally Sheet

Unit Scout Sales Tracking Spreadsheets

2013 Trails End Scholarship Enrollment Form


List of District Kernels

2013 Popcorn Calendar

Unit Popcorn Sales Job Descriptions

Quantity Per Case

Military Donation Receipts

Distribution Locations


Online Selling How To - Leaders

Online Selling How To - Scouts

Ordering your Prizes How To

Report Online Sales How To


District Kernel Suggested Timeline

District Positions Job Descriptions

Have questions?  Please contact your District Kernels