Popcorn Sale

Building a strong annual program is a great way to keep your Scouts active and interested in the Scouting program. Funding your program is equally important, as Scouts benefit from paying their own way.

One of our council's suggested money-earning projects is the annual popcorn sale. With a little imagination, many units have raised sizable amounts of money for unit accounts. Units need a secure and stable source of income, which a strong popcorn sale can provide. Monies raised by units have been used to cover the cost of badges and advancements, special events, and camp fees.

The popcorn sale also benefits the council as a whole by helping us serve volunteer leaders and members by providing better programs, first class training, and incredible camping facilities.

Click here to register your unit to take part in the 2014 sale.

When is everything happening this season?

2014 Popcorn Calendar

Helpful Handouts

Unit Potential Worksheet

2014 District Kernels and District Executives

Unit Kernel Team Training Powerpoint

2014 Unit Commission

There are several tiers of unit commission this season.  Below are the requirements for each tier.

30% Unit Commission (base line)

  • sell popcorn

35% Unit Commission

  • attend June Unit Kernel Team Training and August Council Kickoff Party
  • host a kickoff for your unit and send a picture of it to Emily Rendini (erendini@atlantabsa.org)
  • pick up your unit's popcorn orders at the warehouse on the scheduled day
  • pay the Council for your unit's popcorn no later than December 4, 2014

38% Unit Commission

  • do all of the above PLUS
  • increase your unit's total sale by 10% (by dollar amount, not number of products sold) over your unit's 2013 total sale
  • NOTE: if your unit did not sell in 2013, you have automatically increased your total sale by 10%