Be an Executive Manager With the Boy Scouts of America 


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A career has an enormous impact on your life. Often, your choice of career determines where you live and how you feel about yourself. A career with the Boy Scouts of America is an exciting and rewarding career opportunity for:

  • Recent college graduates
  • Retired armed forces personnel
  • Experienced career professionals

Scouting is looking for dedicated and committed professionals who want to inspire, encourage, and guide the youth of America.

For more information, or to apply, contact Paula Mont, Director Human Resources at 770.956.3187.  You may email your resume to:  or fax your resume to 770.956.5984.

Our Organization Today

As the nation's foremost youth program, the Boy Scouts of America is committed to focusing on the challenges of our nation's youth. Since 1910, Scouting has helped mold the future leaders of this country by combining educational and outdoor adventure activities with lifelong values and fun, and has supported communities, cities, and states with traditional values-based programs.

Today, the BSA remains committed to providing youth with the skills and resources necessary to become responsible, productive members of society. Over the years, our dedication to youth has grown to include more than 300 local affiliates called local councils. Today, we serve more than five million young people-making us one of the largest youth development organizations in the nation.

What Professional Scouters Do

Several thousand professional Scouters lead, guide, and facilitate the job of more than a million adult volunteers. It's the job of the professional Scouter to inspire, recruit, train, and support the BSA's volunteers, in addition to working with community leaders and rallying public support for Scouting's activities.They develop the management and leadership skills that can lead to professional success and personal growth. Professional Scouters have an opportunity to develop problem-solving skills that can prepare them for many of life's challenges.

As a professional Scouter, you can accomplish your current career objectives while gaining the personal satisfaction that comes from making an impact on the lives of young people. The Boy Scouts of America offers a multitude of practical benefits for its professional staffers. Annual salary increases are based on the individual's contributions and overall performance. In addition, the BSA offers a benefits package considered to be among the best in the nonprofit business sector. The package includes major medical, dental, vision, and prescription coverage in addition to accident and life insurance, and retirement plans.

Your Career in Scouting

The local council asks its professionals to make a serious commitment to Scouting; in turn, the council makes a serious commitment to its professionals. We want to make sure that all Scouting professionals have opportunities to do challenging work, to achieve, and to learn, throughout their careers. We are committed to creating a satisfying and motivating environment for staff professionals-an environment in which there is opportunity for achievement, appropriate and timely recognition, and increasing authority, responsibility, and autonomy.

What it Takes to Become a Professional Scouter

Bring to Scouting your varied life experiences, education, and perspectives and in return you will have an opportunity to combine those skills and experiences in a career that values and respects others.

The basic qualifications needed to become a Scouting professional are: 

  • Hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
  • Be a United States citizen or declare your intention to become a U.S. citizen
  • Be an adult-must have attained age 21
  • Be people-oriented, having the ability to work well with adult volunteers, community and business leaders, and representatives of other organizations
  • Able to work varied hours when necessary to achieve positive objectives
  • Believe in the BSA and subscribe to its principles and standards

If you have education, experience, or skill in human relations, public relations, marketing, fundraising, finance, accounting, business management or sales, then you should consider becoming a Scouting professional.

Training and Development

The Boy Scouts of America realizes that in order for people to grow and be productive, people need opportunities to learn. The fact that more than 75 percent of the BSA's professionals receive training each year is a testimony to the commitment by local councils and the national organization. The BSA fosters an environment of continuous learning to nurture the collective creativity that will benefit both professionals and the organization. We share knowledge, ideas, and experience, creating both a workforce that is involved in decision-making and an inclusive work environment that ensures the success of Scouting in the local area.

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