Campout is a whole new deal in Atlanta.  Here are the highlights:

Create Jamboree-style camp environment

  • Camping will be separated into 2 subcamps, each with several villages
  • Activity areas will be placed in center of subcamps
  • One village will be dedicated to Venturers
  • Almost all adult staff will be housed and fed in the Adventure Camp
  • Walking will be the mode of transportation.  During the program events vehicles will not be allowed into the event footprint.

Deliver an intense & progressive program

  • Activities will be diverse, high-energy, and activity-based
  • Programs will focus on relevant areas that are of interest to Scouts
  • Arena show designed to inspire and entertain youth

A highlight event for Atlanta's future

  • A new event style to be repeated on a 3-year cycle
  • New traditions of camping and program to support Atlanta's units
  • Engage volunteers and youth in all facets of Scouting in Atlanta