Are you going to be ready for the Campout?  Check this page often for updates on your preparedness.

Medical Records

All participants (youth, adults, & staff) are required to have a completed BSA Medical Record.  Parts A & B are required for Campout, Part C is not required.

For all youth participants, parent or guardian signatures will be required in the appropriate spaces.  The portions of the medical form to be completed do not require a physical examination by a physician.

Forms will not be collected by Campout staff, but unit leadership will be asked to verify that they have all completed forms in their possession.


The current Guide to Safe Scouting states:

"Adult leaders should support the attitude that they, as well as youths, are better off without tobacco in any form and may not allow the use of tobacco products at any BSA activity involving youth participants. All Scouting functions, meetings, and activities should be conducted on a smoke-free basis, with smoking areas located away from all participants."

Accordingly, it is the policy of the 2013 Campout that:

Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco are prohibited in all Campout buildings, tents, and vehicles. While in BSA uniform and/or on duty, smoking or the use of smokeless tobacco is not permitted.

The use of tobacco by visitors or off-duty non-uniformed staff or leaders will be restricted to designated areas.

Alcohol & Controlled Substances

The current Guide to Safe Scouting states:

"It is the policy of the Boy Scouts of America that the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances is not permitted at encampments or activities on property owned and/or operated by the Boy Scouts of America, or at any activity involving participation of youth members."

Accordingly, it is the policy of the 2013 Campout that: Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances are not permitted at the Campout.