You've never conceived that activities like this could be done at a Scout weekend.  Experience activities in 7 action areas that will change your paradigm!

Rock On!

If your mother only knew...clip in for COPE, climbing, rappelling, zip lines, and more!

Straight Shooter

Hit your mark...Take aim with shotguns, tomahawks, and muzzleloaders!

Challenge Mode

3-2-1-Go!...Meet the challenge in Human Foosball, BlastCar races, obstacle courses, and more!

Gear Up

Equip yourself...Build what you need, including advanced kites, robots, and rockets!

Code Green

Naturally!...Test your skills with fly fishing, birds of prey, and radio-controlled boat races!

Flight Zone

Into the wild blue...Soar high with hot air balloons, remote-controlled aircraft, and trebuchets!

Cyber Space

Get connected, stay connected...From smoke signals to internet, and beyond!