Signature Programs at Bert Adams


Watermelon Night

Introducing the Bert Adams Watermelon Night!  Chilled watermelons will be delivered to your campsite one evening for adults and Scouts to enjoy.  Orders for watermelons will be placed by Monday morning.


Your Scouts are invited to historic Camp Jamison for the Jamison Canoe Overnight!  On a night of your choosing, your Scouts will pick up camp tents (or choose to camp under the stars), cross the lake by canoe, and camp overnight in Camp Jamison!  Outpost snacks and breakfast are provided, and you even have the chance to prepare an outpost dinner with over staff!

Scouts and adults will have the opportunity to run a special cross-country adventure race and earn the Bert Adams Overland patch. Winner will receive special recognition in age categories and overall. 

Coming in 2014: Yellow River Trading Company.  Step back into time at the newest Bert Adams program.  Hike the Diamond J Trail to the Yellow River Trading Company where you'll find blacksmithing, candle making, tomahawk throwing, and much more!