Extreme Zone at Bert Adams

The Extreme Zone is the part of Bert Adams reserved only for the tough, experienced campers.  We're looking for the truly hardened Scouts, who are ready to be "One with the Wild".

BA Extreme Challenge

The BA Extreme Challenge is a different breed of adventure for Scouts that are looking for something new and fresh at Scout camp.  Participants are formed into crews that plan their culture and direction for the week.  These older Scouts will have to decide:


                              WHAT TIME DO WE WANT TO EAT, NAP, PLAY, AND LEAD?

                                                            WHAT DO WE WANT TO LEARN, SHARE, TEACH, OR OVERCOME?

BA Extreme Challenge is a program for older Scouts that want a sense of adventure and freedom.  The activities for the week will be chosen by each crew, but might include:

  • Rappelling and Climbing
  • Low or High COPE
  • Rifle or Shotgun Shooting
  • Sailing
  • Geocaching
  • Mountain Boarding
  • Paintball Tactical Gallery
  • Horseback Riding
  • Muscogee Trail experience


Each participant will be working towards the Climbing merit badge on our 36-foot rock climbing tower.  Training includes rappelling and climbing technique, plus climbing safety.  Plus, earn the merit badge!


COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) is comprised of groups of initiative games, and low and high course activities.  Are you up to this 15-hour course that will test your leadership, your communication skills, your decision making and problem solving, and trust in your fellow Scout?  More importantly, can you do while suspended 25 feet in the air with just a rope as your safety line?

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is the newest Extreme Zone program at Bert Adams!  Explore the camp on our amazing trails.

Horsemanship Merit Badge Add-On

Scouts who are signed up for a Horseback Riding Trek will have the opportunity to complete a number of additional requirements for the horsemanship merit badge that will not be covered during the trek.  This session is taught by a camp staffer with extensive horse care and riding experience. 

Mountain Boarding

This is what happens when snowboarding and skateboarding get tossed together!  Strap on a board and try out this new sport while at Bert Adams.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Try out the newest Scouting craze.  Climb onto one of our new Stand Up Paddleboards (Jackson SUPerchargers!) and explore Lake Bulow Campbell.


Visit our new Extreme Zone Park and see how far you can travel across one of our slacklines.  From beginner to advanced we have 40', 60', and even an 80' line!