Wilderness First Aid

Next Course is in April 2016!


Planning a trip to the back country where a 911 call cannot get through, or where rescue may be hours away? Going to Philmont, Northern Tier, or Sea Base? Hiking the Appalachian Trail with your Troop or Crew? You might find yourself in a situation requiring not only first aid, but also care until evacuation or rescue. Take your standard first aid skills to a higher level. The Atlanta Area Council (AAC) Activities Committee will sponsor several American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid (WFA) courses. 


The Wilderness First Aid Course (WFA) is an advanced course which provides instruction and course practice in dealing with injuries and illness in situations when assistance is delayed or difficult to access. Therefore, aid will require a greater level of knowledge and skill than the typical check-call-care taught in standard CPR courses. Such emergency events may occur during routine unit outings (camping or hiking) or at high adventure facilities. This course is open to all adult leaders, AND we encourage scouts 14 and older to participate.


This is a 16-hour course developed by the American Red Cross (ARC) and is taught by scout leaders who are certified ARC instructors. Participants, who complete all course requirements, receive a two-year ARC certification. The course requires that all participants complete either of two evening orientation sessions AND an all-day Saturday session. BOTH AN EVENING AND THE SATURDAY SESSIONS MUST BE ATTENDED. Evening sessions will include didactic teaching and limited hands-on application scenarios; the Saturday training will be held in an outdoor setting and will be extensive hands-on scenarios conducted in small groups (patrols). Also, inter-session reading is required. Participants will be assigned to patrols by instructors; attempts will be made to mix participants with unfamiliar scouters (not in the same unit or family members) in order facilitate independent experiential training.


Since the WFA course is an advanced course, all participants must have completed and be certified in Basic CPR to receive the WFA certificate card. CPR is not taught at the WFA course and must be independently obtained by participants (qualifying certification of this WFA requirement will be offered by AAC at CPR Saturday on May 14, 2016. Please know that is it best to have this training completed prior to taking the course.). AAC accepts only CPR certificates from the American Red Cross (ARC) or the American Heart Association (AHA). Hands-on training is accepted only, online courses do not qualify. Participants will need to provide a copy of their ARC or AHA CPR certification during the WFA course or by May 14th CPR Saturday.

Questions can be addressed to the Course Director, Jeffrey Lybarger, at JLybarger@bellsouth.net.

The next Wilderness First Aid Course will be offered as either for these 2 course combinations. 

Cost is $75 per person.

Click on the date combination below to register now online:

Thursday, April 14: 6pm - 10pm AND Saturday, April 23: 7:30am - 5pm


Tuesday, April 19: 6pm - 10pm AND Saturday, April 23: 7:30am - 5pm

Evening sessions on Thursday, April 14 & Tuesday, April 19 will be held at the Atlanta Area Council, Volunteer Service Center (1800 Circle 75 Parkway SE, Atlanta, GA. 30339). The all-day session on Saturday, April 23 will be held at Bert Adams Scout Reservation; Camp Gorman (218 Scout Road, Covington, GA 30016).


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