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Woodruff Counselor-in-Training Program

Woodruff Scout Camp will use the Counselor-in-Training Program to encourage younger Scouts, 14 years of age or older, an opportunity to serve in a limited staff role at camp. The program exists to provide an opportunity for persons interested in camp staff to gain experience in a “hands-on” environment.

This will give them a positive experience and allow camp management to get an early look at them and their potential to be a successful full time, paid, camp staff member in the future.

We limit the number of CITs in any one week to five. Applicants/parents should not assume that acceptance to the CIT Program is automatic. We carefully review the application and experiences and then determine their suitability for staff service. We would encourage leaders/parents not to submit applications for more than two CITs from your troop in any one week. This program is intended to develop future Woodruff Staff, it is not a program to send an entire patrol to camp for an "extra” week. 

CITs will work two consecutive weeks at camp where they will interact with full season staff. The program department will schedule the CIT to work in at least 2 different program areas during their service. The service and area is determined by the individual’s aptitude and interests. The schedule is designed to acquaint the CIT with camp programs. CITs will not be permitted to work in camp support positions: Trading Post, Dining Hall, Camp Office, Health Lodge or Commissioners. CIT is a non-paid position.

Note to Female CIT Applicants: Currently, we do not permit female CITs due to significant constraints on housing. Female candidates, along with male candidates, are welcome to apply (once they are 15) for regular camp staff.

CITs will attend as much staff training as possible, as well as attending staff meetings and participating in on-camp staff functions.

There may be advancement opportunities provided or available to CITs during their service, but it is not guaranteed. The priority will be staff support to our campers and camp programs.

Application Process:

  • Apply using the CIT Application Form (different from staff application form)
  • CIT candidates will not be required to Interview for the position
  • CIT candidate must give a 2 week commitment (continuous) to staff in order to be allowed to serve
  • CITs are not allowed to work on Staff Week, Week #1 or Week #8
  • CITs are required to complete the following forms: CIT Staff Agreement, Insurance forms, Staff Travel Agreement, Personal Health Form and to review current Staff Manual
  • CITs will be sent a work agreement (special to CIT) and all other required forms at least 3 weeks prior to service

At Camp:

  • Check-in (11 AM, Sunday) with CIT Coordinator (Provisional Scoutmaster or Program Director)
  • Assigned to staff tent with at least 2 other CITs
  • Issued 2 staff t-shirts, staff patch, staff name badge and staff hat
  • Introduced to full season staff at Sunday Staff Meeting (Noon)
  • Given orientation of camp and staff specific areas/functions by CIT Coordinator


  • Assigned program area for week #1 of service, introduced to that staff, assigned job
  • Assigned program area for week #2 of service, introduced to that staff, assigned job
  • Allowed to work on Merit Badges (if they desire) during periods A, B, C
  • Scheduled to eat at least one meal each day with CIT Coordinator
  • CITs are encouraged to attend all staff functions that occur during their time at camp

End of Service:

  • Camp Management or CIT Coordinator, reviews performance and participation
  • Written recommendation for follow-up in next camp season, and encouraged to apply (based on positive review)
  • CITs, along with all other returning camp staff will be required to reapply for camp staff each year

So if you want to have a blast this summer and think you have what it takes to be a Woodruff Counselor-in-Training, click here to apply.

31 Woodruff Drive
Blairsville, GA 30512
phone: 770-956-5687
fax: 770-956-5980