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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What career fields does Exploring serve?

A: Every Explorer post specializes in a specific career program area. More than 25 different specialties have been organized, ranging from business to veterinary.  Some specialty programs, such as the Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, and Health have grown to include a national committee, activities, and staff support.  


Q: Why should I join Exploring?

A: Exploring is the answer to the age old question "What do I want to be when I grow up?"  The goal of Exploring is simple: the programs are designed for youth to gain practical hands-on knowledge and experience in a career prior to graduating high school.  


Q: Where do the programs meet?

A: The program meetings are held at the sponsoring organization's location.  However, some programs will take field trips to various places to further learn about that specific career interest. 


Q: What time do the programs meet?

A: All programs meet after school hours.  The programs will meet for 1-2 hours beginning around 6:00 pm.  Typically, programs meet once a month throughout the school year.  However, there are programs that meet once a week throughout the school year or once a week for 8 weeks.


Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: Absolutely, if you would like to bring a friend have him or her contact us!  This is very important because all programs have limited space.  Just as your classroom at school has a limited number of students, we must limit our number of youth so that everyone can fully benefit from the program.


Q: How much does the program cost?

A: Cost is $24 per program, not each meeting.  This covers registration and accident and liablity insurance.


Q: Can I join more than one program?

A: Yes you can! The programs are designed to help you choose your future career.  Remember though, family and school come first so make sure you have enough time in your schedule to do more than one program.  You will have to complete a registration form and pay the registration fee for each program you join. 


Q: Is this similar to job training?

A: No, not at all.  It is only exposure to careers students think they want.  It is a decision making process, a chance to select rather than settle.


Q: Do I get internship hours or school credit for the program?

A:  Internship hours and school credit are not offered through this program.  But you do gain valuable learning experiences to add to your resume and college application.  


Q: What is a Post Advisor?

A: Each program has a "Post Advisor" that leads the program.  This individual works for the organization and is volunteering his/her time to coordinate activities for you.  These activities vary based on the career field but can include, field trips, projects, question and answer sessions with various business professionals.  If you do not know who the advisor is or need information to get a hold of him or her contact us!


Q: What is a First Nighter?

A: Each program has a First Nigher.  This is a kick-off night to register to join the program.  Most programs kick-off in the fall of each school year.  Your parents are invited to attend the First Nighter to answer any questions they may have.  You will complete an application and pay registration fees at the First Nighter.  If you missed the First Nighter, contact us, as you may be able to still join.


Q: What if I do not like the program?

A: Sometimes as a student enters the program he or she discovers that this is not the career for them. But that is okay! That is just as valuable to learn as discovering that this is the career for you.  We do encourage you to finish the program.  The benefits of completing the program are many: you meet a lot of new friends, you meet a lot of great adults that will help you discover a career that is right for you and you have a great program to add to your resume and/or your college application.


Q: Isn’t Exploring a part of Boy Scouts of America?

A: Yes, it’s our work site–based program for both males and females, and we are very proud of it. Exploring is the fastest growing part of Boy Scouts of America.  Once the students have heard about the complete program, they become enthusiastic about being a part of Boy Scouts of America. 


Q: Where can I find more information?

A: For more information on Learning for Life and the Exploring Program please visit the National website at or check out our facebook page at


Q: What age range can participate in Exploring?

A: We offer programs for youth age 14 (and have completed the 8th grade) to 21. You may not join after your 21st birthday. We encourage high schoolers mainly to join the program.


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